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    Every church wants to produce engaging pre and post service content but often have to compromise due to time, skill or resources. We understand how frustrating that can be and we have a plan. At Graphics Truck, we have created an innovative way for churches to get beautiful, custom designed motion graphic video content that we deliver as often as you would like, leaving you more time and money for ministry.

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    Churches across America spend thousands upon thousands of hours every week creating pre and post service content that does not engage people. Don’t waste another hour of your valuable time sitting behind a computer creating graphics that just don't connect. Let us help you engage like never before with eye-catching professional motion graphics that will take your guest experience to the next level.

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  • how does it work?

    It really couldn't be simpler.

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    Gets You Going

    When you subscribe, we'll gather some information from you and create your custom "look".

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    You Add Weekly

    Once you're rolling, each week you will follow a link to a simple web form where you enter your weekly information like announcements and worship set.

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    Right To Your Desktop

    Once our team finishes your graphics, we'll upload them to a Dropbox that we share with you. It's that simple!

  • How much time do you spend every week creating pre and post service content? Could you use more time in your week? Does your pre and post service content capture your guest's attention? Do your service countdowns communicate information specifically about your church? Are you ready to add professionalism to your pre and post service content? We are ready to help you reach your audience!



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